Types of Marsh Grass Species?

Answer Marshes are wetland areas that are regularly or continuously filled with water, whether salt or fresh. Most marshes support soft-stemmed vegetation that is specifically adapted to the saturated con... Read More »

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What Types of Frogs Live in a Brackish Marsh?

Most frogs live in fresh water. However, there are frogs that can tolerate living in brackish water. These are places where the fresh water from rivers or runoffs mix with the estuarine saltwater f... Read More »

What is the most drought-resistant lawn grass species?

Out of the many varieties of drought-resistant grass varieties, bermudagrass is commonly considered the best. This is because it is a tropical species that has a deep-reaching root system which al... Read More »

Types & Species of Salamanders?

Approximately 300 species of salamanders exist throughout the world. They range from as small as a person's thumb to as large as a small alligator. As an amphibious animal, salamanders may thrive e... Read More »

Rye Grass Types?

Ryegrasses (Lolium spp.) is a genus comprising of nine species of grass used for turf, hay, and grazing applications. Not to be confused with the food grain rye, ryegrasses thrive in cool, moist we... Read More »