Types of Management Techniques?

Answer A manager needs to understand how to deal with employees and have several different types of management techniques to draw from for a variety of situations. Having an understanding of different man... Read More »

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Techniques of Impression Management?

While little children are taught not to tell lies, as they age, they learn that instances arise when not exposing the entire truth might be advantageous. Impression management is the act of slightl... Read More »

Key Account Management Techniques?

In sales it is important to keep your key accounts happy and producing revenue. A key account can take many years to develop, but it can be lost in moments if you do not use the right key account m... Read More »

Techniques for Credit Management?

Credit can be a blessing or a curse. You can make purchases without cash and pay for them over time when you have a high credit score. Unfortunately, you may overuse credit. You can quickly sink in... Read More »

Techniques in Earnings Management?

Earnings management is a strategy used by the management of a company to make the actual earnings figures match past projections and goals. This also falls under the category of creative accounting... Read More »