Types of Man-Made Pollutants?

Answer Man-made pollutants can threaten human health and compromise the natural ecosystem and environment. Man-made pollution is generally a byproduct of human actions such as consumption, waste disposal... Read More »

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Different types of pollutants for example organic?

Persistent organic pollutants stay in the environment for long periods of time. They also are easily spread, by water and wind. And they can pass from one life form to another, all up and down the ... Read More »

Types of Man Made Texture?

Earthenware -- thought to be the first man-made material -- was created about 26,000 years ago and is still made today all over the world. Thousands of years would pass before the man-made textures... Read More »

Types of Country Swings Made Out of Cedar?

A shiny, smooth cedar swing outside a country home invites you to take a seat and relax. The beauty of natural cedar, sanded down, stained and glazed completes the look of a country home. There are... Read More »

Types of Fabrics Made From Wool?

Wool is one of the most important natural textile fibers. It's obtained from domesticated sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and camels and has been spun since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians made ... Read More »