Types of Magnetic Compasses?

Answer A magnetic compass is a navigational tool used by hikers. This kind of compass works through a magnetized needle or card that orients itself with the Earth's magnetic field. Four basic types of mag... Read More »

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The Types of Spinning Compasses?

Since the 4th century B.C. in China, spinning compasses in various forms have been used to find direction. The first compasses used magnetic iron, enabling navigation to become more accurate. A typ... Read More »

Different Kinds of Compasses & Their Uses?

When you plan a hiking or backpacking trip, a compass is a wise tool to pack. It can literally be a lifesaver if you get lost. A compass tells you whether you are headed north, south, east or west.... Read More »

Use of Compasses in Math?

Compasses are common math tools that have multiple functions. These tools work with a hinge that allows a needle and a pencil to measure and mark at various angles. This tool is also used in measur... Read More »

Information About Compasses for Children?

The world is a big place; it's even bigger when you're younger and smaller. Learning how to get from one place to another using a compass will help your child feel more confident about being outdoo... Read More »