Types of Listening in the Classroom?

Answer Listening styles and skills vary depending on the type of classroom and level of student. As an educator, and as a student, it is important to understand the various types of listening that take pl... Read More »

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Listening Exercises in the Classroom?

Listening exercises in the classroom can improve vocabulary, comprehension, attention to detail, and foreign-language studies. Teachers can use a variety of audio methods to relay information, incl... Read More »

Listening Techniques in the Classroom?

Not all instructors can deliver an exciting and engaging lecture. According to Dr. Ralph Nichols, writer of "The Professor in the Classroom," students retain only half of what is presented to them ... Read More »

Listening Activities for the Classroom?

When students are poor listeners, they can tend to dismiss most information as boring and unimportant. Poor listeners let their minds wander, doodle or drift back and forth from the topic being dis... Read More »

How to Improve Listening Skills in the Classroom?

So you're passing math, but only because your friends had to tutor you for hours before the big final because you can't focus? If you need to focus and get good grades in the classroom this may help!