Types of Light Pens?

Answer Light pens are designed to detect light emitted by an illuminated area such as a computer monitor. The pen glows as a result of the light that comes from the illumination source. The light pen is l... Read More »

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Which came first: gel pens or ballpoint pens?

Ballpoint pens came before gel pens. A primitive version of the ballpoint pen was created in 1888 by John Loud, an American tanner, but it did not receive commercial attention. In the 1940s, Josef ... Read More »

Types of Cfl Light Bulbs?

CFL (compact fluorescent) light bulbs are manufactured for use in regular household lamps. They have a screw in base, but their similarity to the incandescent bulb mostly ends there. Because the CF... Read More »

Different Types of Light Microscopes?

Light microscopes use visible light to form an enlarged image of a microscopic object. While light microscopes have poorer resolution than electron microscopes, they are easier to work with, can fo... Read More »

Types of Light Sensors?

Light sensors help you everyday by detecting and reacting to different levels of light in appliances, switches and machines. Light sensors vary from those that respond to changes, collect current o... Read More »