Types of Letter Writing?

Answer There are many types of letters, but most fall into the major categories of business, personal, academic and reference. Within these categories, there are a variety of variations, but, if you know ... Read More »

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Writing a fan letter help?

well maybe u should tell her about yourself . and say how much of a fan u r

Letter Writing Abbreviations?

Abbreviations are used in letter writing regularly. They sometimes stand for foreign phrases that are easier to understand in abbreviated form for English speakers. They also make it easier to writ... Read More »

Pen Pal Letter Writing Ideas?

Children love to get mail and having a faithful pen pal can help ensure that a child receives mail directly addressed to her. Students in one class can become pen pals with students across the glob... Read More »

How to Make a Letter Writing Notebook?

Write letters? You are awesome. Here is how to make a letter writing notebook for on-the-go.