Types of Lady Bugs?

Answer Despite their common name, ladybugs belong to a class of beetles called Coccinellidae. There are more than 4,500 known types of lady beetles in existence. Insect researchers continue discovering mo... Read More »

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How do i catch lady bugs?

SearchingCatch ladybugs manually using a sweeping net or beating tray. Look for them in places that they normally gather, such as forests, beaches, gardens or houses. If you want to attract them to... Read More »

How to Identify Lady Bugs?

Lady bugs are technically known as lady birds. There are several different species of lady bugs, but their basic scientific name is Coccinella septempunctata. Lady bugs can live in colonies or live... Read More »

How do i attract lady bugs?

Pesticides And HerbicidesScale back the amount of pesticides and herbicides that you use on your garden. These chemicals can often kill the ladybugs that you are trying to attract. Ladybugs can hel... Read More »

How do i get rid of lady bugs in my home?

nothing for this the end of summer you can use a repelling insecticide on the south and west walls outside along with trying to seal any openings into the walls. You will be stopping the... Read More »