Types of Islamic Prayers?

Answer Muslims are individuals who follow the Islamic faith. In Islam, prayers are mandatory five times daily, evenly spaced throughout the day. The frequency of prayer helps ensure Muslims remember God, ... Read More »

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How to Worship God in My Prayers?

Saying prayers is an excellent opportunity to worship God and show Him how much His love means to you. This can be expressed in different ways when saying prayers. However, you should do this with ... Read More »

Any advice prayers for us?

jade my brother , my friend , im so dearlly sorry, im with you hear , im lost for words but you always have a friend in me, please try to hold on, god is with your mom. im sorry im not much help ... Read More »

How to Focus on God in Prayers?

Western society is a very fast-paced world. In a land of instant coffee, high-speed Internet and interstates, it is easy to live a very fast-paced life. This outward busyness, although not bad in a... Read More »

Prayers needed?

My Father and God. Creator of all and master of the universe, i call on you tonight in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son who was made a ransom for the sins of the world. It is through this honored... Read More »