Types of Insurance for Employees?

Answer One of the many things that businesses have to worry about is providing insurance to employees. Employee insurance offers the same benefits for every person insured, and the premiums are usually lo... Read More »

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Tax-Free Life Insurance for Employees?

Tax-free life insurance is given to employees for a number of reasons. Sometimes companies want a way to collect money if an employee dies. Some work-sponsored insurance plans allow employees to pa... Read More »

Can you Calculate disability insurance for federal employees?

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost Employees?

The average cost of health insurance to employees of a business or corporation that sponsors a private health insurance program is $12,700 a year. This is for a full-time employee supporting a fami... Read More »

How to Bond Your Employees & Use Blanket Liability Insurance?

Any business with employees should consider a bond or blanket dishonesty insurance to protect the business and its customers from potential fraud. There are several simple steps to take in order to... Read More »