Types of Indian Hair?

Answer There are several different types of Indian hair available on the retail market today, with many different descriptors. If you are currently shopping for Indian hair extensions, this article offers... Read More »

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Indian Painting Types?

The civilization of India is one of the oldest in the world. Aryans invaded the Indus Valley in about 1,500 B.C., and their union with the native Dravidians led to the creation of what we think of ... Read More »

Types of Indian Runner Ducks?

Indian runner ducks have a unique posture. They stand upright, like penguins, and their legs are set well back on their bodies, allowing them to run effectively. They are very active birds and can ... Read More »

Popular Types of Indian Foods?

Indian food is one of the most diverse and rich cuisines on earth. From mild rice pilaf to the firey vindaloo curry, Indian cooking has something for everyone. Indian food is famous for its use of ... Read More »

Types of Indian Fashion Saris?

Saris, also known as sarees, have a long tradition in India. The first known sari dates back to 100 B.C., worn by a terracotta statue from Northern India. Saris have evolved over the years. Younger... Read More »