Types of IQ Tests for Special Education Students?

Answer In order for a child to qualify for special education services, a battery of tests are given to evaluate ability, achievement and development. The tests used to determine a child's ability are know... Read More »

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Main Types of Study Skills Used to Teach Students With Special Education Needs?

Numerous schools in the United States provide special curriculum and approaches to teaching for students with special education needs. These schools are divided into two categories: learning disabi... Read More »

How to Get General Education Teachers Trained to Work With Special Education Students?

In many cases, schools do not have the resources required to make sure that special education students are always taught by those with expertise that relates specifically to those types of students... Read More »

Teachers Who Help With Special Education Students?

Teachers who help with special education students are sometimes called paraprofessionals. They are trained to assist special education and regular classroom teachers in supporting students with dis... Read More »

Writing Tools for Special Education Students?

There is no silver bullet that can destroy the difficulties that students with special needs experience with writing. There are, however, many tools and strategies educators can employ so as to aid... Read More »