Types of Hybrid Car Motors?

Answer Hybrid vehicles use an electric motor to create an environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient automobile. Hybrid motors are electric and battery-powered, combined with a gasoline-fueled combustion en... Read More »

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How Do Hybrid Motors Work?

Percentages are one way to represent the relationship between a portion and the whole. Common uses for percentages include calculating the portion of sales an employee is responsible for, the porti... Read More »

Types of AC Motors?

AC motors are a type of electric motor. The AC stands for "alternating current." The other kinds of electric motors, other than AC motors, are DC (Direct Current) motors. The main difference betwee... Read More »

Types of DC Motors?

A direct current (DC) motor consists of a stationary stator and a spinning rotor. The stator surrounds the rotor and creates a constant magnetic field, which envelopes it. The rotor uses electromag... Read More »

Types of AC Induction Motors?

Induction motors make use of alternating current (AC) power to generate rotation through the electromagnetic induction. Induction motors can operate in industrial environments and do not require th... Read More »