Types of Houses Through the Ages for Kids?

Answer Early humans did not live in houses. When it was stormy or hot, they found shelter under trees. Later they made shelters out of branches or stones. Early people also lived in caves. When people beg... Read More »

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Types of Military During the Middle Ages?

The medieval world stretched roughly from the fall of the western Roman empire in the 5th century to the fall of the eastern Roman empire in 1453. This 1000 years of history saw many social, politi... Read More »

Should kids be having sex at ages 10-17?

Arguments For Overall, most people feel kids under 16 years old should not be having sex. If they are 15 or above, they should be allowed, as long as they are mentally mature, using protection, and... Read More »

What are Three Types of Government Established After the Dark Ages?

Feudalism dominated the political systems of the Middle Ages, but gave way to the system of absolute monarchy as the Middle Ages transitioned into the Renaissance. In turn, the absolutism common du... Read More »

Around what ages do kids get abused?

Children get abused from before birth (such as a person kicking or hitting a pregnant woman in the stomach, for instance) up to adulthood.