Types of Hairless Cats?

Answer Many people love cats but hate the messes they can leave behind. Though owning a pet can be fun as well as entertaining, the constant hassle of cleaning up cat hair from your home can become aggrav... Read More »

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Why are sphinx cats hairless?

Sphynx cats are not always hairless; some are covered with a fine, almost "peach fuzz" fur of varied thickness and length. The fur, or lack thereof, is not what makes a Sphynx show quality, reports... Read More »

Types of Cats for Your Personality?

Are you looking for a loyal companion? A cat can become like a part of the family or a best friend. Like a family member, you may get along better with a cat that has a similar personality to your ... Read More »

Different Types of Himalayan Cats?

Himalayan cats are a cross breed of Persian and Siamese cats. These felines look luxurious with their long-haired coat, blue eyes and color points on their feet, legs, tail, face and genitals. Hima... Read More »

Types of Cats With Long Ear Fur?

Part of the family Felidae, which includes jaguars and lions, cats are the most numerous species of felines in the world. Although all cats are the same species of animal (Felis catus), selective ... Read More »