Types of Hairclips?

Answer Hairclips come in different varieties depending on the jobs they do. Some are small enough for a baby’s fine tresses while others are large enough to tame the longest and thickest locks. Some hai... Read More »

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How to Make Gummy Hairclips?

These adorable gummy hair clips make you, you! They are unique and stylish, and they make good gift bag ideas. Plus, you can make them in 1,2,3! Have a sweet time!

Types of Eye Lag?

An eye lag is a type of screw with a ringed head. Eye lags are typically used on wood to secure wires, strings or ropes. Most eye lags can only serve light to medium applications and should never b... Read More »

Types of IQ?

Alfred Binet developed the first IQ test in 1905, according to IQ Test Experts. Intelligence Quotients are the ratio between a person's mental age and chronological age. It measures a person's cogn... Read More »

GIS Map Types?

For centuries, people have used cartography, or the science of mapmaking, to make sense of the world around them. Before the computer age, these maps existed mainly as two-dimensional representatio... Read More »