Types of HVAC Ducts?

Answer Air duct carries clean, conditioned air from the furnace, air conditioner or heat pump to the rest of building. It also takes away stale air. Types vary greatly in their abilities to maintain air q... Read More »

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Are acoustic HVAC ducts made from insulated board?

Acoustical ducts do use insulated fiberglass board called duct board. The acoustical duct can either be made of, wrapped with or internally lined with the duct board. In residential homes, the duct... Read More »

Can you put plastic on air ducts that you do not use?

If an entire duct system is not being used, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association suggests sealing the system ducts with plastic to prevent moisture and fungus. If a duct system i... Read More »

Where are my eye ducts located?

The lachrimal gland is located at the top center of the upper eyelid and produces tears. There is also a tear sac at the inner junction of the upper and lower eyelid that leads to ducts in the corn... Read More »

How to Test for Mold in A/C Ducts?

Mold is a plant fungus that decays organic matter. A little mold growth and presence in your home is completely normal, but excessive mold can be a cause for concern. Test your air conditioning duc... Read More »