Types of Genetic Crosses?

Answer In genetics, crossing two organisms involves mating them and looking at the resulting progeny to better understand inheritance of a particular trait. Austrian monk Gregor Mendel, the father of mode... Read More »

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How to Identify Crosses?

The cross is a symbol that Christians everywhere recognize and implement as an integral part of their faith. Jesus' resurrection, after his death upon the cross, has continued to inspire the faithf... Read More »

How to Play Noughts and Crosses?

Are you bored? Well, look no further because if you read this you win a simple game of noughts and crosses, also known as tic tac toe.

Who sings"three wooden crosses"?

"Three Wooden Crosses" is a Contemporary Christian country song first recorded by country music singer Randy Travis. Jackie Cox, Steve Taylor, the Liberty Quartet and Oagee Nordheim have also recor... Read More »

Does the Navy have different crosses with different meanings?

Naval Officer's SwordIf he already has his sword (commonly is part of the initial uniform package, or required in college) a sword mount can be purchased that allows the sword to be displayed nicely.