Types of Games & Business Simulations?

Answer While your employees' experience may benefit you as an employer, you certainly don't want to expose yourself to the risks your employees' mistakes expose you to while they are learning. Games and b... Read More »

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How do computer simulations help us?

A computer simulation, also known as a computer model, is a computer-run program that attempts to simulate a particular scenario in order for people to study it. Computer simulations have a wide ra... Read More »

How to Use Simulations in the Classroom?

Simulations that involve role-playing are an effective tool to help students learn content relevant to their coursework. When such activities are used to enact real-world situations, they learn how... Read More »

How many simulations do the astronauts need before they go into space?

There's no set requirement - it depends entirely on the mission requirements (EVA, satellite deployment or recovery, ISS docking, etc.) as to what they'll do an how many they'll perform. However, ... Read More »

Physical Science Simulations for Kids?

Physical science has a lot of potential for fun, hands-on learning because of its ubiquitous nature. Force, acceleration and other such physical laws can be observed on an everyday basis; creating ... Read More »