Types of Front Disc Brakes?

Answer According to author Herbert Sussman, English polymath and engineer Frederick William Lanchester invented the automobile disc brake in the 1890s. He used them in his own cars, built at the Lancheste... Read More »

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How to Install Front Disc Brakes?

The braking system is the most important safety system on any automobile. The engine can accelerate to highway speed in 10 seconds or less, but we ask the brakes to stop the vehicle from that speed... Read More »

How to Replace Front Disc Brakes in a VW Beetle?

The 2002 through 2005 VW Beetle models offer safety, fun and many upscale features. This is beneficial whether you are a college student embarking on the start of your life or a family maneuvering ... Read More »

How to Replace Front Disc Brakes in a Saturn VUE?

Whether you are a college student driving across campus and town or a small family headed out on adventure you need to be able to stop your 2001 through 2004 model Geo Tracker. Make sure that you... Read More »

How to Replace the Front Disc Brakes With ABS?

Replacing front disc brake with ABS, or anti-lock braking system, is an essential part of maintaining a safe vehicle. The disc brakes are comprise of three main components that work in concert to s... Read More »