Types of Food That Provide a Good Source of Fuel?

Answer The right types of foods supply your body with essential fuel to feed and nourish cells so you can perform at an optimal level. Eating right ensues you'll feel energized and ready to take on the da... Read More »

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What are types of insurances that employers can provide and remain profitable?

auto insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, home insurance, vision insurance

Charities That Provide Free Dog Food in Denver, Colorado?

Economic hardship not only affects people, but pets as well. Food banks exist for people who need assistance with groceries, and certain organizations also recognize the growing need for animal foo... Read More »

Why do SOME vegetarians moan if I don't provide veggie food and yet they never provide meat for me?

looks like u got quite a debate going on here...but i feel that many people who eat meat think like this.the simple reason being,meat eater can have vegetarian food too,but vegetarian cant have mea... Read More »

How many of you would agree that a "hot dog is a good source of protein"?

Maybe if I had absolutely no other source of protein available, I'd eat a hot dog, but other than that, I can think of much better sources of protein than a hot dog.Cheers,MM