Types of Fluorescent Light Sticks?

Answer Fluorescent light sticks, also called glow sticks, contain hydrogen peroxide, phenyl oxalate esther and fluorescent dye in separate compartments in a plastic tube. When the tube is flexed and shake... Read More »

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Types of T12 Fluorescent 8 Foot Light Bulbs?

Each number on a fluorescent bulb designation stands for an eighth of an inch diameter, making the diameter of a T12 bulb one and one-half inches. The length is measured by the distance between the... Read More »

Fluorescent Tube Light Bulb Types?

Fluorescent light bulbs began making headlines about six years ago when they gained popularity in standard light fixtures, saving energy and casting a whiter light. The advantages of these bulbs ha... Read More »

What's wrong if you have a new ballast in your fluorescent light but it does not have yellow wires and everything else is connected but the light doesn't work?

(LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer] Electricity is dangerous! You can be injured or killed! Improper installations can cause fire, injury and death! Should you be doing this yourself?) This is ... Read More »

Do ordinary light bulbs provide fluorescent light?

No, ordinary light bulbs provide incandescent light. The filament inside an ordinary light bulb gets very hot and glows white. A fluorescent bulb contains electrically charged gas that makes ultrav... Read More »