Types of Flat Panel Displays?

Answer Whether used to access and view computer files or video, a flat panel display is a device commonly synced with computers or used as a TV to provide a visual output. Flat panel displays, or FPDs, al... Read More »

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Which is better LCD flat panel or Plasma flat panel t.v.?

Personally, I prefer LCD. Are you going to use the television for any type of video game playing? If yes, then you definately want to buy an LCD display. Plasma displays can easily get burn-in e... Read More »

How thick is the panel in a flat panel door?

The flat panel in a cabinet door is usually one-fourth to one-half inch thick. Most door frames are three-quarters of an inch thick with a groove cut in the frame to receive the panel. It is struct... Read More »

How to Mount a DVR on Top of a Flat Panel?

The days of placing equipment on top of thick, floor-mounted TVs are all but gone. With flat panel sets becoming ever-flatter, many are presented with new equipment placement dilemmas. However, p... Read More »

Can a flat panel lcd be repaired?

Flat panel LCD monitors and televisions can potentially be prepared. There are a number of different websites that offer do-it-yourself information to try and repair LCD displays, as well as compa... Read More »