Types of Fixed Joints?

Answer The human body contains 206 bones that provide structural support. At joints, bones contact other bones, cartilage or teeth. Arthrologists, or people who study joints, classify these points of cont... Read More »

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Types of U-Joints?

A U-joint allows a rod to bend in any direction. A U-joint is mainly used in automobiles to connect the driveshaft to another driveshaft or to the transmission or differential. A U-joint is made up... Read More »

Types of CV Joints?

Front wheel drive vehicles and those with independent rear suspensions require an axle that can transfer power even when it's not perfectly aligned to the differential. This requirement spurred on ... Read More »

Types of Fixed Braces?

Fixed braces stay attached to the teeth for the duration of the treatment. In the past, fixed braces were metal but now other materials are available. Fixed braces use a series of brackets and rin... Read More »

Types of Diarthrodial Joints?

According to Henry Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, there are three types of joints in the body: synathroses or immovable joints, such as the joints in the skull; amphiarthrose or slightly movabl... Read More »