Types of Feline Liver Disease?

Answer Cats can be affected by several different types of liver disease. Veterinarians can treat liver disease if the diagnosis is made early enough. While symptoms can differ depending on the disease, so... Read More »

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Feline Liver Cancer?

The feline liver is an important organ that performs over a thousand necessary tasks that can’t be accomplished by any other organ in the body. It metabolizes protein, fat and carbohydrates, stor... Read More »

Feline Bowel Disease?

Pet owners find feline bowel disease, also referred to as inflammatory bowel disease, difficult to manage, as the cat's symptoms are often severe. Treatment exists that aids the cat to some degree,... Read More »

Feline Cat Disease Symptoms?

Most diseases commonly found in cats can be easily prevented. Having a cat vaccinated on schedule and keeping him indoors will greatly reduce the risk of him contracting many cat-related illnesses.... Read More »

Feline Mast Cell Disease?

Feline mast cell disease is a type of cancer that affects cats. It produces skin tumors that are called mass cell tumors, and it is the second most common cancer in cats, especially older cats. If ... Read More »