Types of Factoring Methods?

Answer Factoring is an important mathematical technique; most commonly, it's used to simplify problems by eliminating common factors. There are a variety of factoring techniques with which it's worthwhile... Read More »

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How to Use Several Methods of Factoring?

A polynomial is an algebraic expression that contains two or more terms. To create a polynomial expression, two binomials, (a + b)(a + b), are multiplied together using the distributive process. Th... Read More »

Polynomial Factoring Methods?

Factoring is the standard method of solving polynomial equations by hand. There are many different methods of factoring polynomials -- simple methods that only work in certain cases, as well as mor... Read More »

Methods for Factoring Trinomials?

If there is one math subject nearly every student finds challenging when he or she first encounters it, it is algebra, particularly the factoring of trinomials. There are several methods for factor... Read More »

Methods of Factoring Polynomials?

Polynomials contain two or more terms. Many can be factored, but there are prime polynomials that cannot. A factor of a number (or term) will divide the number exactly without leaving a remainder. ... Read More »