Types of Fabrics for Sundresses?

Answer One of the pleasures of hot weather is the chance to wear a cute sundress. These easy-to-wear garments come in a wide range of fabrics and look best with a few simple accessories. Cotton is the mos... Read More »

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Types of Vintage Fabrics?

Today's fabrics are bright, colorfast and easily available in a large variety of prints and styles, but vintage fabrics have a charm all their own for many seamstresses. Quilters, home decor design... Read More »

What Types of Fabrics Absorb Dye Best?

Dyeing fabric may be a hobby or a method of enhancing a garment or decorative accent. When dyeing fabric, it is beneficial to understand what the fabric is made from and what type of fabric will be... Read More »

Types of Fabrics Made From Wool?

Wool is one of the most important natural textile fibers. It's obtained from domesticated sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and camels and has been spun since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians made ... Read More »

Two same types of fabrics one washed with cold water and the other with hot water which one dries faster?

If they start drying at the same temperature (i.e., both at room temperature), they'll dry at the same rate. And because most washing machines do the last rinse at the same temperatures, that's li... Read More »