Types of Eye Examinations?

Answer When you undergo different types of eye exams, your eye doctor is doing more than making sure you don't need to buy glasses or contact lens. In fact, your doctor is evaluating your vision to detect... Read More »

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How to Pass Any Examinations?

Do you want to pass the examination in your school, work etc.? Cheating is a bad way of passing any exams so here is a better way to pass the examination.

How to Achieve Success in Examinations?

Studying has never been known to be pleasant, not even by the most intelligent students. Examination success has more to it, than what just meets the eye. A few essential hints to help you pass eas... Read More »

Slit Lamp Examinations...?

When you go to the eye doctor, and you say that this or that is the problem such as loss of vision, pain, can't see close up, or far away, or to the sides or a combination of symptoms.The 'doctor' ... Read More »

What is in the eye drops used to dilate your eyes in eye examinations?

There are various substances used.There are two main groups of dilating drops [not all drug company names listed]:Parasympathetic antagonists (parasympatholytics): act by paralyzing the iris sphinc... Read More »