Types of Exterior Trim?

Answer Trim not only creates an attractive exterior to a building, it also provides waterproofing at corners and around door and windows. Wood was once the only material available for exterior trim, but o... Read More »

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What Is Exterior Car Trim?

Exterior trim usually consists of a decorative molding that is applied to the outside of a vehicle. Exterior trim can be applied in the factory, but it is also available as an after-market product.

How do I trim exterior windows?

MeasureHold your tape measure across the top horizontal span of the window from corner to corner, and take the measurement. Transfer the measurement to a piece of flat trim molding, marking it on t... Read More »

How do I remove excursion exterior trim?

Fender TrimLocate the screws under the fender well of the Excursion. Remove the screws and pry the molding off. Glued-on clips may also need to be pried off. Some fender trim is glued on without sc... Read More »

How do I remove exterior window trim?

Work the end of a flat pry bar between the edge of the trim and the window casement. You may have to tap the bar with a hammer to do this. Pry the trim out slightly until the heads of the nails hol... Read More »