Types of Exhaust Systems on a Car?

Answer The primary role of the exhaust system on a car is to expel hot gases and fumes produced by burning fuel. The secondary purpose is to reduce the noise made when these gases are expelled. Exhaust sy... Read More »

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About ATV Exhaust Systems?

ATVs have advanced exhaust systems that allow riders to enjoy better engine performance, and a better overall ride. Exhaust systems include both pipes and mufflers designed for racing, all-terrain ... Read More »

About Exhaust Brake Systems?

Diesel engines, because of the way they operate, do not create vacuum pressure once the throttle is released in order to aid in slowing the vehicle down. For this reason, manufacturers have impleme... Read More »

Exhaust Systems: OE Vs. Replacement?

Manufacturers generally do an acceptable job of designing systems to remove exhaust gases from an engine, treat those gases to clean them up and expel them from the tailpipe. However, the automotiv... Read More »

Purpose of Exhaust Systems?

Exhaust systems perform several functions, including deadening noise made by the engine and controlling the emissions from your vehicle. The exhaust system includes the muffler, exhaust manifold, o... Read More »