Types of Evaluation Methodology?

Answer According to A Dictionary of Sociology, it's only since the 1960s that evaluation research has become a field of its own. It also describes evaluation research as "a type of policy research devoted... Read More »

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The Difference Between Quantitative Research Methodology & Qualitative Research Methodology?

Researchers are often faced with the decision of choosing the methodology that best suits their study and objectives. There are both advantages and disadvantages and strengths and weaknesses to qua... Read More »

Types of Curriculum Evaluation?

A curriculum assessment allows educators to evaluate courses, whether for elementary schools, secondary schools or postsecondary schools. These assessments provide feedback on the strengths and wea... Read More »

What Types of Evaluation for Educators?

Teaching is no longer held as the high and mighty profession it once was. Many people believe, because of their vacations and workdays that end at three o'clock, that teachers have an easy job, but... Read More »

Types of Assessment & Evaluation?

Assessment is the driving force behind instruction. Assessment tells a teacher if instructional objectives are being met, or how well a teacher's instruction is working. Teachers use assessment to ... Read More »