Types of Engine Coolant?

Answer Engine coolant is a chemical solution that keeps your car from overheating. It helps the radiator and cooling system keep the engine at the correct temperature for optimum operation. Several types ... Read More »

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Why Won't the Engine Coolant Go Back Into the Radiator When the Engine Cools Down?

A car's radiator does its job of cooling the engine by forcing the coolant/water mixture through the cooling system and into the engine in a cycle, bringing the coolant temperature down before cycl... Read More »

How to Top Off Engine Coolant?

Engine coolant is what keeps your car engine from overheating. But by nature, it gets very hot and can evaporate through use. Thus, you will need to periodically check and top it off.

How to Mix and Add Coolant to Your Engine?

Antifreeze or coolant raises the freezing temperature and lowers the boiling temperature in your car's engine. This is an important part of keeping your engine running well. If your car has overhea... Read More »

How to Add Engine Coolant to a Car?

Most of today's cars utilize a coolant recovery jug, typically located on the front right or left hand side of the radiator. This jug holds the coolant overflow from the radiator. If the level of y... Read More »