Types of Electrotherapy?

Answer Electrotherapy is a form of medical treatment that uses electrical currents for pain relief and to promote the healing of areas on the body with tissue damage. Though there are different types of e... Read More »

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Facial Electrotherapy?

Facials and facial therapy have long been a popular choice for women seeking age treatments and skin care. Any facial treatment that uses electricity including if only to run the machine, is consid... Read More »

Can talipes be treated with electrotherapy modalities?

It must be cradle cap which is normal in newborn baby? If he is otherwise normal, crying well and feeding there is no need to worry.

Types of Elk?

Elk are members of the deer family of ungulates. They are social animals that live in herds. There are three types of elk in the United States: the Roosevelt elk, the Tule elk and the Rocky Mountai... Read More »

3D TV Types?

All 3D TVs use the same basic technology to produce life-like images on your screen. The main difference comes from the type of 3D glasses used with the TV. When you buy a new 3D TV, you buy either... Read More »