Types of Earth Plate Boundaries?

Answer The Earth is made up of eight major plates and many smaller ones that float on top of the planet's molten upper core. All of the plates interact in different ways along established boundaries. Each... Read More »

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What Are Plate Boundaries?

The Earth is made up of various layers of rock. The outermost layer, known as the crust, is cool and is the layer that all living organisms inhabit; this layer is 5 to 10 km thick, to 35 to 70 km t... Read More »

How to Write an Essay About Plate Boundaries?

Writing an essay about plate boundaries requires organized writing skills as well as a knowledge of science. The writer will need to discuss what plate boundaries are and elaborate on the different... Read More »

What Are Convergence Zone Plate Boundaries?

The crust of the earth is broken up into nine major plates and a number of smaller plates all interacting with each other. The crustal plates float on top of the hot molten magma of the mantle and ... Read More »

Three Types of Continental Boundaries & Their Characteristics?

The Earth is comprised of multiple layers: the crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. The outermost portion of the crust is called the lithosphere; the crust underneath that is called the asthen... Read More »