Types of Disposable Diapers?

Answer Disposable diapers line every grocery store shelf in America. The types, features and intended market vary, with options changing frequently. Baby diapers feature various inner cores intended to in... Read More »

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Are disposable diapers bad?

On One Hand: Sanitary and HealthyAccording to Kristin M. Kane of, disposable diapers may be less likely to cause diaper rashes because they keep a baby drier than cloth diapers. Georg... Read More »

Are disposable diapers biodegradable?

Most disposable diapers do not biodegrade easily or quickly. They contain plastics that can take more than 300 years to break down. Some brands, like gDiapers, make disposable diapers that do biode... Read More »

Do opened disposable diapers go bad?

The average shelf life of disposable diapers is approximately two years. Factors that may affect shelf life include storage conditions and temperature. If the diapers are exposed to high temperatur... Read More »

Are disposable diapers biodegradeable?

Most name-brand disposable diapers are not easily biodegraded. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a traditional diaper would take 450 years to fully biodegrade in water. Alternative... Read More »