Types of Cylinder Heads?

Answer Amongst the internal combustion engine components, some need to be in or attached to the upper part of the cylinders. Such components are primarily the intake and exhaust valves and the spark plugs... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Bad Cylinder Heads?

Cylinder heads are among the most complex components on any engine. Technically a sub-assembly in and of itself, the cylinder head controls every aspect of airflow into and out of the engine. Cylin... Read More »

When Do Cylinder Heads Need Replacing?

A cylinder head, in combination with a head gasket, seals the cylinders in an internal combustion engine. According to Deanna Sclar, author of "Auto Repair for Dummies," most cylinder heads contain... Read More »

How to Polish Cylinder Heads?

It's a conundrum, seemingly uninterpretable unless your name is either Lao Tzu or Ed Pink; that the human eye is typically more impressed by the unreality of what it can see than the reality of wha... Read More »

How to Replace Cylinder Heads?

Removing the cylinder head is necessary if you need to rebuild or install a replacement. Every engine model differs in the specific steps required to remove the head. Besides, every manufacturer re... Read More »