Types of Cottonwood Trees?

Answer Cottonwood trees are mostly prairie species that are so named because of the fluffy white seeds the female trees produce. The cottony coating helps the seed travel on air currents. The plant is an ... Read More »

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Types of Cherry Trees?

The hardy cherry tree varies widely in type, color, flower and fruit. Some types contain no fruit at all, and are commonly used for ornamental purposes. The three main types of cherry trees are swe... Read More »

Types of Clementine Trees?

Clementine fruits are the miniature oranges available in the produce departments of grocery stores around the world. These small fruits grow on Clementine trees cultivated by commercial growers and... Read More »

Types of Trees for the City?

Trees are an attractive visual element in the urban landscape, breaking up relentless blocks of concrete, glass and brick. Trees also improve city air quality and provide cooling shade in summer. N... Read More »

Types of Trees in Swamps?

Many different types of swamps exist throughout the United States, including cypress, hardwood, conifer and shrub swamps. Each of these types of swamps contains unique plant life and vegetation, in... Read More »