Types of Cotton Plants?

Answer Cotton is a natural fiber used in a wide range of fabrics. Its extensive use is due to its versatility and strength. The fibers are easily spun into a range of fabrics, which create absorbent mater... Read More »

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Do People Use Machines to Take Cotton From Plants to Make Cotton Clothing?

The invention of Eli Whitney's cotton gin in 1793 greatly increased the demand for raw cotton product to keep New England mills operating efficiently. This growth ushered in an era of mechanization... Read More »

Does cotton plants need water?

yes cotton plants do need water for it to bloom and produce cotton

Types of Cotton Threads?

Cotton is a plant that produces a natural fiber often used in various items such as towels, sheets, curtains and clothing. There are many different types of cotton, but according to luxuryegyptianc... Read More »

Types of Cotton Sarees?

Sarees are traditional garments worn by women in the Indian sub-continent, particularly India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. A saree--often spelled sari--is a 6-foot-long piece of cloth that is wrapped... Read More »