Types of Communication Majors?

Answer Communications covers a wide variety of college majors and fields of study. Students with an interest in careers, such as mass media, politics, business, advertising and public relations can find ... Read More »

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What Jobs Are Available to Communication Majors?

Communication studies is a very broad academic field, and the range of jobs and careers associated with it is even longer. Communication studies deals with communications processes, with a special ... Read More »

Types of Engineering Majors?

Engineering is one of the most diverse fields you can major in. Engineering breaks down into at least 20 different majors. You should check the offerings of your college or any college you're inter... Read More »

Types of Communication in Animals?

Animals have a need to communicate just like humans. Animal communication is used to scare off predators, find a mate, help find food or even to strengthen the bonds among the animals. Animals comm... Read More »

The Three Types of Communication?

One of the strengths that has enabled humans to advance and progress as a species is their enhanced ability to communicate. Although most animals have methods of communicating with each other, hum... Read More »