Types of Cologne?

Answer Women like a man who smells good, and men like to smell good for women. Choices abound that will satisfy both women and men but won't break the bank. Does this Spark an idea?

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How to Use Cologne?

Putting on cologne the wrong way can have adverse results. If you put on too much other people will be overpowered by the scent. If you are using too little, no one will be able to smell the cologn... Read More »

How to Buy Cologne for Men?

Thanks to the acceptance of the metrosexual sensibility, men’s fragrances have become a staple item of a modern man’s grooming kit and although men have become more savvy on what to buy, choosi... Read More »

How to Apply Eau de Cologne?

If you happen to be the recipient of a bottle of Eau de Cologne, you are in for a pleasant experience. The perfume from these colognes is fresh and always light. They are not expensive colognes, bu... Read More »

Best Way to Put on Cologne?

The most important thing to remember when applying cologne (also known as eau de cologne) is to first choose a fragrance that you and your partner or date can enjoy without it being too overwhelmin... Read More »