Types of Cologne?

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How to Use Cologne?

Putting on cologne the wrong way can have adverse results. If you put on too much other people will be overpowered by the scent. If you are using too little, no one will be able to smell the cologn... Read More »

What do you do for first aid for axe cologne?

How the hell did you hurt yourself with cologne. It's liquid. you should be more specific. Did u spray it in your eyes? Did you sniff it? Did you swallow it? Did you hit your self in the head with ... Read More »

Does cologne go bad?

Cologne will last three to five years if properly stored. Colognes which are stored at room temperature, kept in sealed containers, and not exposed to direct sunlight will typically last closer to ... Read More »

What is Cologne known for?

The German city of Cologne is known for a variety of reasons including the fact that it is Germany's oldest city, the BBC reports. Cologne was founded by the Roman Empire in 50 AD.Roman HistoryAcco... Read More »