Types of Cleaning Sponges?

Answer You need to clean your house, and you head to the cleaning aisle of the grocery store. So many different sorts of cleaning sponges are sold that it is sometimes difficult to choose a sponge that is... Read More »

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What are cleaning sponges made of?

Natural sponges are dried sea creatures with a soft skeleton made of spongin and porous, leathery skin. Today, most cleaning sponges are synthetic, made from cellulose (broken down from wood pulp w... Read More »

What do cleaning proffesionals do with all the dirty cloths and sponges they use?

Types of Sponges in the Phylum Porifera?

Sea sponges, which make up the phylum Porifera, have confused researchers who tried to classify them for hundreds up years. Until the 19th century, they were considered "animal-plants." Today, thes... Read More »

What types of sponges are living organisms?

all of them besides the ones you use to wash your dishes