Types of Cigarette Lighters in Cars?

Answer Gone are the days when a smoker's package was a valuable upgrade to a new vehicle. In-dash cigarette lighters have been replaced with accessory power outlets, and ashtrays with change storage compa... Read More »

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Different Styles of Cigarette Lighters?

Smokers probably don't think too much about their lighters for the most part. If it lights up their cigarette, it's probably good enough. There are some exceptions to that rule. Among the endless l... Read More »

How to Replace Car Cigarette Lighters?

Though cigarette smoking has been on the decline in recent decades due to better health education, many automobiles still come equipped with cigarette lighters and ash-trays. The cigarette lighter ... Read More »

What is used in flameless cigarette lighters?

A battery powers flameless cigarette lighters by heating metal coils, which in turn can cause a cigarette to smolder to light. In a car, the source of the battery for the flameless lighter is the ... Read More »

Do golf carts have cigarette lighters?

Most golf carts do not come standard with cigarette lighters. However, cigarette lighters are available as accessories for golf carts. They can be purchased in various stores and online, typically ... Read More »