Types of Chemosynthetic Bacteria?

Answer Chemosynthetic bacteria are one type of autotrophic organism, a life form that derives its nutrition from nonfood sources. The other type of autotroph is the photosynthetic organism, which includes... Read More »

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Types of Bacteria?

Pity the poor bacteria. They have a bad name as disease pathogens, when the vast majority are either benign or beneficial. That's because popular culture had named them "germs," then proceeded to t... Read More »

Types of Sea Bacteria?

Just like on the surface, the oceans and seas are teeming with a near infinitive amount of bacteria. There are several different types of sea bacteria, including those that make their own food thro... Read More »

Common Types of Bacteria on Dog Fur?

Strains of bacteria are found naturally in the environment and some of these organisms make their home on your dog's skin and coat. Bacteria is usually harmless unless an overgrowth or infection oc... Read More »

Types of Providencia Bacteria?

Providencia is a genus of gram-negative bacteria that cause human infections of the urinary and gastrointestinal tracts, according to eMedicine. The first species of Providencia was identified in ... Read More »