Types of Chemical Reactions & Solutions?

Answer A chemical reaction occurs when different substances come together and undergo a chemical change, essentially changing them into different substances. Several types of chemical reactions exist, dep... Read More »

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Types of Chemical Reactions in Covalent Bonding?

A covalent bond is a type of bonding that involves the sharing of a pair of electrons between two or more atoms (of similar or different substances). This kind of bond is common between nonmetals, ... Read More »

How to Contrast Biochemical Reactions Inside the Body and Chemical Reactions in the Chemistry Laboratory?

How to study and contrast the basic differences between chemical reactions inside the body and the reactions in the chemistry laboratory are discussed in the context of this article.

What Are Causes of Chemical Reactions?

Chemical reactions occur when two substances interact to form new compounds or molecules. These processes are ubiquitous in nature and essential to life; NASA's working definition of life, for exam... Read More »

What Are Endergonic Chemical Reactions?

Endergonic chemical reactions absorb energy from outside sources as opposed to exergonic chemical reactions, which release energy. A simple example is burning paper. It absorbs energy from an outsi... Read More »