Types of Cardboard Packaging?

Answer The term cardboard refers to any number of heavy paper-like materials. These include paperboard, display board, and corrugated fiberboard, which is usually used in the manufacture of boxes. Much of... Read More »

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Cardboard Packaging Advantages?

Cardboard is commonly used as a packaging material for shipping items. There are several advantages to using cardboard, as it protects items being shipped, is inexpensive and changes shape easily.

Types of Antimicrobial Packaging Systems?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Microbes (the collective term for bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses) cause infectious diseases, and antimicrobial agents, such as penicillin... Read More »

How to Convert Food Packaging to Packaging Technology?

Colleges and universities offer degrees in both food packaging and food technology. Food packaging includes protecting products from contamination and damage, following labeling requirements, maxim... Read More »

DIY CD Packaging?

Creating a custom CD package is inexpensive and simple, although it can be time consuming. The beauty of creating your own package is that you have the flexibility to make only one or 100 unique ca... Read More »