Types of Car Window Tints?

Answer Contrary to the popular conception that window tint comes in only one of two varieties (dark or shiny), there is a great deal of difference in manufacture, appearance and durability between the num... Read More »

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What Types of House Window Tints Are Available?

Window tint is typically applied to the windows of a home to protect the occupants and their property from the effects of solar radiation--harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun--that damage soft fu... Read More »

How to Use Patterns for Window Tints?

Window tinting is popular among motorists for several of the benefits it provides, including extra privacy, a cooler interior, glare reduction and appearance among other reasons. Though many vehicl... Read More »

Window Tints & What Is Legal?

Window tinting generally refers to the application of a dark film to the inside surface of a piece of glass. While popular in home and office buildings, window tinting has widespread use in automot... Read More »

Window tints in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania?

The PA laws are very restrictive so any windows done darker than the law will be very obvious for the police. On the other hand the police have greater priorities. Check with your friends and perha... Read More »