Types of Car Hoods?

Answer Contrary to what some may believe, car hoods didn't start out as simple covers for the engine. A hood occupies some valuable real estate on the average car, and can play an important role in engine... Read More »

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How to Customize Car Hoods?

The hood on your automobile is likely one of the first parts of your car people notice. That is why most classic and high-end cars pay close attention to the details of their hoods. A custom hood c... Read More »

How to Disconnect Stove Fan Hoods?

Whether you want to update your stove's vent hood with a new model or simply remove it for deep cleaning, removing a fan hood is a relatively simple task. Use safety precautions when disconnecting ... Read More »

How to Refinish Stove Hoods?

You can alter the appearance of your stove hood by refinishing it with the appropriate coating. Before you begin, consider some important points. Stove hoods are made of metal, a nonporous surface ... Read More »

Who makes Thermador hoods?

According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Thermador-branded products are manufactured and sold by the BSH Home Appliances Corporation, which owns the Thermador brand. This includes all Thermador range a... Read More »