Types of Business Analysis Statistical Studies?

Answer Companies use several types of statistical analytical tools to get closer to their customers. The company is able to understand the tastes and preferences of its customers better. Through these stu... Read More »

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What Types of Data Are Used for Statistical Analysis?

Statistical analysis is used for two main purposes. First, researchers can use statistical analysis to generate hypotheses about the population from which the data was sampled. Second, researchers ... Read More »

What Types of Statistical Analysis Are in Research Projects?

While gathering data is important for a research study, even more important are the statistical tests used to analyze the data. Without analysis, the data are meaningless. With incorrect analysis, ... Read More »

Software for Statistical Analysis?

Modern computers have given statistical analysis a huge boost. Various software packages can analyze large sets of statistical data, eliminating the need for dozens, if not hundreds, of time-consum... Read More »

Kinds of Statistical Analysis?

Statistics involves the study of data to derive new understanding of the subjects the data represents. Because this discipline can examine both past performance and make educated guesses about the ... Read More »