Types of Bugs & Insects That Live in Wood?

Answer Insects that live in healthy trees and shrubs are known as primary invaders. Those that reside in stressed and dead wood are secondary invaders. A secondary invader might simply be a nuisance, yet ... Read More »

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Types of Water Bugs & Insects?

Many species of water bugs and aquatic insects enjoy a worldwide distribution, existing anywhere conditions can support them. These bugs have certain adaptations that allow them to live in rivers, ... Read More »

What Types of Bugs or Insects Eat Flowers?

Some insects that prey on flowers prefer hot, dry conditions, while others like cold, wet conditions. But all are scavengers by nature and are attracted to unhealthy plant material, such as disease... Read More »

Bugs & Insects That Look Like Cockroaches?

The cockroach is flat and oval-shaped with antennae that are about as long as its body. It has six legs that are covered with spines and adults have wings, although few cockroaches fly. Some may ha... Read More »

Insects That Eat Wood in America?

Only two insect species in the United States eat wood, termites and powderpost beetles. These two insect species are responsible for damaging wood in household infrastructures and forests. Another ... Read More »