Types of Bronzing Tanning Beds?

Answer Those who don't have the time to tan naturally in the sun, or don’t live in a year-round sunny climate, make use of tanning beds both in salons or at home to help replicate the sun's darkening ef... Read More »

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Difference Between Bronzing & Tanning Beds?

If it's your first time in a tanning salon, all the different types of beds to choose from can be overwhelming. One common point of confusion is the difference between bronzing beds and regular tan... Read More »

Super Bronzing Tanning Bed Vs. Stand Up Beds?

If you are looking for a ways to extend your tan year-round, than you have most likely checked out indoor tanning options. Tanning salons sell numerous tanning packages based on the type of tanning... Read More »

Types of UVB Tanning Beds?

Shortwave ultraviolet rays, commonly referred to as UVB rays, are the primary cause of skin reddening, sun burn, and skin irritation. Though UVB rays only enter the surface of the skin, unlike UVA ... Read More »

Types of Tanning Beds?

Like most technology, tanning beds evolve over time. Just as the bulbs and the intensity of the rays have increased in many beds, others proportion the UVA and UVB rays to provide richer, deeper ta... Read More »